Episode 5.2: How Do You Kill a Snake?

Posted by emmettfurey on August 23, 2012

Prior to his death, Uroboros posted an interactive map detailing everything he had on holdings belonging to Mason International and the King criminal empire.  One of his UK followers found a hidden link within the map to a new conspiracy blog Uroboros had set up called the Lighthouse, the heir apparent to the now-defunct Flashlight.  The proprietors of the Lighthouse opted to make the site a collaborative effort, and have invited guest blog entries from any of their followers.

The red-clad prophet that Uroboros refers to is none other than the mysterious Augur, whose machinations can be felt throughout our entire story. But is Augur merely foretelling the future, or is he also influencing it?

Fury of Solace will return…

Credits for Episode 5.2.

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