Episode 2.2: Just Because You’re Paranoid…

Posted by emmettfurey on July 29, 2011

While Fury of Solace was busy trying to track down Max Mason at Comic-Con, a new player emerged on the scene: the administrator of a conspiracy blog called The Flashlight, who answers only to Uroboros.  Uroboros, it appears, has something of a love/hate relationship with Fury of Solace: the blogger wants to see Max Mason brought to justice for his crimes as much as Solace does, but Uroboros does not agree that bloodshed is the answer.

To that end, Uroboros donned a mask of his own, with an eye towards infiltrating Mason International’s supposed superhero recruitment program, and documented his findings through a handful of videos posted on the Flashlight.

Uroboros donned a concealed camera and tried to coax the truth out of a Mason International employee.  But apparently accosting the poor woman put Uroboros on someone’s radar, because shortly thereafter, the conspiracy blogger was approached by a minion who was presumably also in Max Mason’s employ. Uroboros managed to gather some compelling footage before his concealed camera was discovered, forcing him to flee.  He also collected his first piece of hard evidence against Mason International: a superhero recruitment card, sporting the pharmaceutical company’s familiar logo.

After his harrowing escape from the Mason thug, it appeared that Uroboros had obtained solid proof of Mason International’s true designs in San Diego that weekend.

But, like most of his paranoid theories, this latest, too, fell on deaf ears.

Next on “Fury of Solace”: Episode 3: “Between the Lines”

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