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Episode 1:

In which we learn of the Orphan’s origin and her strange bedfellow.

Episode 1.1: “The Storming of Mason Tower”

The Orphan’s twitter followers help her uncover the password to one of Fury of Solace’s password-protected videos, enabling her to save Solace’s captive, Max Mason, before it’s too late.

Episode 2: “Bad Press”

In which the Orphan and Fury of Solace make a starting discovery in the aftermath of the Mason Tower bombing.

Episode 2.1: “Heroes for Hire”

Chronicles Fury of Solace’s trip to Comic-Con, where he foils Mason’s latest scheme.

Episode 2.2: “Just Because You’re Paranoid…”

A conspiracy blogger calling himself Uroboros tries to uncover Mason International’s true reasons for being in San Diego on Comic-Con weekend.

Episode 3: “Between the Lines”

In which the Orphan receives a chilling portent.

Episode 3.1: “Crisis Management”

Superhero pundit Starla Carter interviews a panel of experts about the Fury of Solace phenomenon on her news program “Crisis.”

Episode 3.2: “Out of the Blue”

The Orphan conveys a startling revelation about the night of her parents’ murder on the first installment of her video blog “Out of the Blue.”

Episode 3.3: “Opposition Research”

Uroboros broadcasts video logs of an alleged Mason International researcher who’s spearheading a project that’s both illegal and inhumane.

Episode 4:

In which Emmett goes on a fateful job interview.

Episode 4.1: “Mole Hunt”

Uroboros broadcasts security footage of Mason International’s head of security interrogating his own men in the wake of the Mason Tower bombing.

Episode 4.2: “Making People Better”

Uroboros stakes out a warehouse where he believes Mason International is conducting illegal experiments to create superhumans.

Episode 4.3: “No Stone Unturned”

Uroboros tries to bring evidence of Mason International’s wrongdoing to a Los Angeles Police Commissioner.

Episode 4.4: “Under Protest”

Uroboros organizes a protest outside the Mason International warehouse, and all hell breaks loose.

Episode 4.5: “Be The Change”

Uroboros confronts Mason International’s head researcher about his part in the company’s illegal experiments.

Episode 4.6: “The Fugitive”

Uroboros narrowly avoids a trap.

Episode 4.7: “Uroboros Unmasked”

On this episode of “Crisis,” Starla Carter reports on Uroboros’ crime spree.

Episode 4.8: “Eye-Witness News”

The Orphan vlogs about her invite to the Mason International Charity Ball.

Episode 5: “Keep Your Friends Close”

In which our cast converges on the Mason International Charity Ball.

Episode 5.1: “The Charity Case”

The Orphan vlogs about the Charity Ball fallout.

Episode 5.2: “How Do You Kill a Snake?”

Uroboros’ final video blog.

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