Episode 4.7: Uroboros Unmasked

Posted by emmettfurey on August 16, 2012

Uroboros narrowly evaded the trap that Mason International had laid for him, but Mason’s head of security Damian Durand promptly uncovered Uroboros’ true identity. This forced the conspiracy blogger to flee his apartment and go on the lam.

And after executing Dr. Marcus Alrand for his involvement in Mason International’s alleged illegal human experimentation, Uroboros left all pretense of passive resistance behind. He began producing crude pipe bombs from recipes he found on the internet, and started indiscriminately bombing heavily populated areas: as far as Uroboros was concerned, anyone who was involved with Mason International was fair game. As his campaign of terror was reaching a fever pitch, Starla Carter, host of the popular superhero news program “Crisis,” dedicated an entire show to the Uroboros phenomena.

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Credits for Episode 4.7.

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