Episode 3.2: Out of the Blue

Posted by emmettfurey on August 01, 2012

Determined to put her growing fame to good use, Laurel announced on her blog that she was starting a vlog to talk about issues that affect her and the people of Los Angeles.

Laurel’s love-hate relationship with the LAPD goes back a long way. On the one hand, Laurel has at least one close, personal friend in the LAPD hierarchy, Lt. Katherine Czerny. On the other, both Laurel and Kat know all too well just how flexible the loyalties of the LAPD’s top brass can be: Kat and Laurel were instrumental in uncovering a conspiracy of corruption involving police-department payoffs from the Medina Drug Cartel, reaching all the way up to members of the L.A. City Council.

Next on “Fury of Solace”: Episode 3.3: “Opposition Research”

Credits for Episode 3.2.

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