Episode 3: Between the Lines

Posted by emmettfurey on July 30, 2012

Not long after moving in with Laurel, Emmett’s fears for his superhero girlfriend’s safety began to multiply exponentially.  It also made maintaining his secret identity that much more difficult.

And Emmett wasn’t the only one coming to terms with the implications of his new living arrangement.  Local celebrity Laurel has been forced to make a few adjustments of her own: namely, trying to reconcile the fact that every aspect of her life (love-life included) is becoming of increasing importance to the paparazzi and the tabloids.

And the mysterious Augur paid Laurel an unsolicted late-night visit.  The self-proclaimed prophet played a pivotal role in the origins of the both the Orphan and Fury of Solace. And it would seem his part in this story is not yet finished.

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