Episode 2.1: Heroes for Hire

Posted by emmettfurey on July 28, 2011
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Not long after Fury of Solace’s assassination attempt on Max Mason, Mason International announced that they would have a booth at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego.  Mason International was ostensibly in town for a Healthcare Summit that same weekend, but Fury of Solace pursued the pharmaceutical company to San Diego, where he posted a video voicing his suspicions about Mason’s true purpose at Comic-Con: rumor had it Mason International was recruiting superhero bodyguards. (Click below image for video)

And as it turned out, Fury of Solace wasn’t the only concerned citizen looking into Mason’s presence in San Diego that weekend.  A conspiracy blog called “The Flashlight” had recently alleged a link between Mason International and a Los Angeles-wide criminal conspiracy, and devotees of the site attended Comic-Con in droves, intent on bringing the pharmaceutical company’s machinations to light. One such “Flashlight” enthusiast provided Fury of Solace with a key piece of intel: On Saturday night, Max Mason himself was scheduled to have dinner with a woman named Sara Ward, the frontrunner in his superhero recruitment drive, at a seafood restaurant across from the convention center.

Just after 7 p.m. that night, a purple-clad blond woman (presumably this Sara Ward) was spotted dining on the patio of said restaurant. But before her dinner date arrived, the mysterious woman was accosted by Fury of Solace, in front of an exodus of Comic-Con attendees. After a brief argument, the woman fled, Solace hot on her heels. Thanks to camera-phone clips posted on YouTube by a handful of witnesses, Los Angeles News Broadcaster Starla Carter was able to reconstruct the chase that ensued through the streets of San Diego.

The chase culminated with this Sara Ward disappearing seemingly into thin air. Perhaps literally, as some witnesses will attest: word has it that Ward flew away from her pursuer under her own power.  Ward has not been seen since.

Click here for a detailed account of the events that led up to this fateful encounter.

One year later, the proprietor of “The Flashlight” returned to Comic-Con in an attempt to pick up the missing Ward’s trail. This is what he found.

Next on “Fury of Solace”: Episode 2.2: “Just Because You’re Paranoid…”

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[…] Loathe to walk the streets of San Diego in broad daylight, but determined to catch Max Mason in the act, Fury of Solace sent out a plea to his thousands of twitter followers, asking any and all of them to see if there were any messages for Mason at the front desk of the Omni. “Flashlight” enthusiast Sam Proof heeded Solace’s call, and relayed to the villain a brief message that was meant for Max Mason: “Sara Ward says to meet her for dinner at 7:15 at Lou and Mickey’s.” It was this vital piece of intel that led to the now-infamous scuffle between Fury of Solace and Mason’s would-be-superhero employee (chronicled here). […]

[…] Next on “Fury of Solace”: Episode 2.1: “Heroes for Hire” […]

[…] After his near-death experience during the attack on Mason Tower, Max Mason allegedly set up a secret superhero recruitment drive during San Diego Comic-Con, to recruit a superpowered bodyguard to keep him safe from Fury of […]

[…] Fans at San Diego Comic-Con helped Fury of Solace crash a dinner date between evil CEO Max Mason and a woman interviewing to be his superhero bodyguard in our first real-world ARG. […]

[…] Fans at San Diego Comic-Con helped Fury of Solace crash a dinner date between evil CEO Max Mason and a woman interviewing to be his superhero bodyguard in our first real-world ARG. […]

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