Sara Ward Redux

Posted by emmettfurey on July 27, 2012

After his near-death experience during the attack on Mason Tower, Max Mason allegedly set up a secret superhero recruitment drive during San Diego Comic-Con, to recruit a superpowered bodyguard to keep him safe from Fury of Solace’s continued assaults.  Fury of Solace learned that Max Mason had an important dinner date with the frontrunner for the superhero bodyguard position, a woman named Sara Ward, and proceeded to crash the party.  Ward fled the scene, reportedly taking flight under her own power, and has not been seen since.

After a failed attempt to infiltrate Mason International’s Comic-Con superhero recruitment drive, the conspiracy blogger Uroboros went back to Comic-Con the following year, intent on finding a lead on Sara Ward’s current whereabouts.  This is what happened next:

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