Shining a Light

Posted by emmettfurey on July 30, 2011

After rumors surfaced that Mason International was recruiting super-powered bodyguards at this year’s Comic-Con, members of the tightly-knit conspiracy community “The Flashlight” took to the streets of San Diego.  And when devotees of “The Flashlight” get organized, they cast a wide net.  One avid “Flashlight” reader badgered employees on-camera at the Mason International booth, but was promptly asked to leave by Mason’s head of security.

The same conspiracy investigator filmed a conversation with another frequent “Flashlight” contributor, internet personality Sam Proof, confirming that Max Mason was indeed interviewing would-be bodyguards at this year’s Comic-Con, and that the heroes in question were anything but cosplayers.

Fury of Solace himself was spotted by a number of Comic-Con attendees that same day, sticking mostly to the convention center where he could blend in with the bevy of costumed fans and elude detection by San Diego PD. Though Max Mason’s location was a closely guarded secret, Fury of Solace did manage to learn that the millionaire was staying at the Omni hotel (a breach in security which led Mason’s head of security to believe that the villain had a mole inside Mason International).

Loathe to walk the streets of San Diego in broad daylight, but determined to catch Max Mason in the act, Fury of Solace sent out a plea to his thousands of twitter followers, asking any and all of them to see if there were any messages for Mason at the front desk of the Omni. “Flashlight” enthusiast Sam Proof heeded Solace’s call, and relayed to the villain a brief message that was meant for Max Mason: “Sara Ward says to meet her for dinner at 7:15 at Lou and Mickey’s.” It was this vital piece of intel that led to the now-infamous scuffle between Fury of Solace and Mason’s would-be-superhero employee (chronicled here).

The Orphan, for her part, missed the party completely. As soon as she received reports of Solace’s presence in San Diego, she braved Comic-Con traffic to try and get there in time to apprehend the supervillain. But by the time she arrived on Saturday night, the drama that had unfolded that evening on the streets of San Diego’s Gaslamp District was long over. And even a world-famous do-gooder like Los Angeles’ sworn protector would not be admitted to the convention center without a badge.

See below for a twitter timeline of the events of the day, in reverse chronological order.

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