Digest 8/20 – 8/23

Posted by emmettfurey on August 24, 2012

In case you missed any of this week’s new episodes, here’s all four in handy digest form. Great for catching up and retweeting en masse!

Episode 4.8: Eye-Witness News

Every year, Mason International’s annual charity ball raises obscene amounts of money for whatever charity is in vogue at that particular moment. Max Mason announced that the proceeds of this year’s charity gala would benefit the families of the people who lost their lives in the Mason Tower bombing on an episode of “Crisis” earlier this year.

The ally in the police department that Laurel speaks of is Detective Katherine Czerny. The two became fast friends after they worked together to uncover the Medina Cartel corruption scandal.

And as it turns out, Laurel’s concerns about Emmett watching this vlog are likely unfounded: Back in 2010, Laurel wrote a blog entry explaining why her boyfriend tends to steer clear of her social media sites.

Episode 5: Keep Your Friends Close

To see what happened at the Mason International Charity Ball, click the image below:

Episode 5.1: The Charity Case

A few weeks ago, Laurel revealed on her vlog that somewhere out there is a long-lost witness to her parents’ grisly murders. Laurel proceeded to tap her contacts in the LAPD to try to track down the errant witness.

Episode 5.2: How Do You Kill a Snake?

Prior to his death, Uroboros posted an interactive map detailing everything he had on holdings belonging to Mason International and the King criminal empire. One of his UK followers found a hidden link within the map to a new conspiracy blog Uroboros had set up called the Lighthouse, the heir apparent to the now-defunct Flashlight. The proprietors of the Lighthouse opted to make the site a collaborative effort, and have invited guest blog entries from any of their followers.

The red-clad prophet that Uroboros refers to is none other than the mysterious Augur, whose machinations can be felt throughout our entire story. But is Augur merely foretelling the future, or is he also influencing it?

Fury of Solace will return…

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