Mongoose in Sheep’s Clothing

Posted by emmettfurey on August 15, 2012

Several weeks ago, Uroboros found a kindred spirit in a Twitter follower called @rabid_mongoose. Rabid Mongoose had left him a comment on the Flashlight, claiming to be a single mom involved in a class-action lawsuit against Mason International, and Uroboros promptly invited her into the fold. After being conspicuously absent from Uroboros’ Mason International protest, Rabid Mongoose reported several days later that despite taking every precaution to cover her tracks, Mason International security had managed to track her down. Uroboros responded to her pleas for help, only to discover that it had been a trap, carefully laid by Mason International’s head of security Damian Durand. Rabid Mongoose had been Damian all the time, an invented identity Mason’s lackey had cultivated to infiltrate Uroboros’ inner circle. Uroboros narrowly evaded capture, but this cruel deception and his increasing isolation drove him down an even darker path.

What follows is a recap of Rabid Mongoose’s Twitter exchanges with Uroboros and his crew.

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