King’s Gambit

Posted by emmettfurey on August 07, 2012

After Uroboros posted internal Mason International security footage on his conspiracy blog “The Flashlight,” Fury of Solace became convinced that Uroboros’ claims of having hacked into the Mason International mainframe were not exaggerated.  The two forged a tentative alliance in an effort to uncover incriminating Twitter correspondence between Mason International and some of the shell companies belonging to a local criminal kingpin known only as King.  Thanks to a helping hand from the self-proclaimed prophet Augur and a few of Fury of Solace’s Twitter followers, the duo was successful.

This is not the first time Augur has shared privileged information on Twitter.  Last time, he helped the Orphan unlock a password-protected video which allowed her to save Max Mason from Fury of Solace before the super villain’s bombs blew up Mason Tower.  But this time, Augur’s efforts were in support of Solace’s efforts to undermine Mason.  The source of Augur’s intel, and his motives, remain unknown.

Here’s how the event played out on Twitter:

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