Digest 7/30 – 8/2

Posted by emmettfurey on August 03, 2012

In case you missed any of this week’s new episodes, here’s all four in handy digest form.  Great for catching up and retweeting en masse!

Episode 3: “Between the Lines”

Not long after moving in with Laurel, Emmett’s fears for his superhero girlfriend’s safety began to multiply exponentially. It also made maintaining his secret identity that much more difficult.

And Emmett wasn’t the only one coming to terms with the implications of his new living arrangement. Local celebrity Laurel has been forced to make a few adjustments of her own: namely, trying to reconcile the fact that every aspect of her life (love-life included) is becoming of increasing importance to the paparazzi and the tabloids.

And the mysterious Augur paid Laurel an unsolicted late-night visit. The self-proclaimed prophet played a pivotal role in the origins of the both the Orphan and Fury of Solace. And it would seem his part in this story is not yet finished.

Episode 3.1: “Crisis Management”

In the wake of the Mason Tower bombing, “Crisis” with Starla Carter, L.A.’s number-one source for news and views on the superhero phenomena, dedicated an entire segment to the tragedy. Guests included Max Mason himself, Psychologist Temperance Jones (author of the best-selling book “The Superhero Complex”) and Los Angeles Police Commissioner Harlan Stone (vocal proponent of incorporating superhumans into the LAPD ranks).

Episode 3.2: “Out of the Blue”

Determined to put her growing fame to good use, Laurel announced on her blog that she was starting a vlog to talk about issues that affect her and the people of Los Angeles.

Laurel’s love-hate relationship with the LAPD goes back a long way. On the one hand, Laurel has at least one close, personal friend in the LAPD hierarchy, Lt. Katherine Czerny. On the other, both Laurel and Kat know all too well just how flexible the loyalties of the LAPD’s top brass can be: Kat and Laurel were instrumental in uncovering a conspiracy of corruption involving police-department payoffs from the Medina Drug Cartel, reaching all the way up to members of the L.A. City Council.

Episode 3.3: “Opposition Research”

While Fury of Solace has been waging war against Mason International, the man known only as Uroboros (proprietor of the conspiracy blog “The Flashlight”) has been engaged in a parallel quest to bring the pharmaceutical company’s alleged illegal activities to light. Uroboros came into the public eye after claiming responsibility for the now-infamous Mason International twitter hack, but he quickly outdid himself: mere weeks later, Uroboros successfully hacked into the Mason International mainframe, and proceeded to air the company’s dirty laundry on his conspiracy site.

Stay tuned for four new videos next week!

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