“Fury of Solace” creator and star Emmett Furey is a former staff writer for Comic Book Resources, current member of the International Academy of Web Television, and a web series pioneer. In addition to “Fury of Solace,” he co-created the web sitcom “Bumps in the Night,” and was a staff writer on the experimental web series “Bxx: Haunted,” which was helmed by Daniel Knauf, creator of HBO’s “Carnivale.” He spoke on a panel about transmedia at the 2011 Santa Catalina Film Festival, and writes a weekly blog on the topic called Coefficient of Fiction. For more, follow him on Twitter.


Laurel began acting at 5 years old, and in her early years often in self directed, written, and cast plays (aka drafted her friends, forced them into costumes and made them perform). She began her real acting career at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She made her way to LA in late 2004 and has been pursing a career in film, commercials and webisodes ever since.

In “Fury of Solace,” Laurel plays The Orphan.


Filmmaker, author and fried chicken lover Todd Livingston began his career as a comedian in the critically acclaimed trio Open Season. After scoring a novelty hit on the Dr. Demento radio show with “The Shakespeare Rap,” the group toured the U.S.A and Canada, headlining clubs and colleges and becoming regulars at L.A’s Comedy Store, New York’s Comic Strip, Comedy Cellar and The Improv, where they would often share the stage with Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.During the slim non-touring time, Todd took gigs acting for network TV and movies, including “Unsolved Mysteries” and Umberto Lenzi’s cult horror favorite “Hitcher in the Dark.” With Open Season partner Nick Capetanakis, Todd wrote and produced the supernatural comedy feature film “So, You’ve Downloaded a Demon,” which Todd directed. The film enjoyed its premiere at the prestigious and far away Cannes Film Festival and Todd enjoyed the best seafood salad he’s ever had. Seriously — he wouldn’t shut up about it for months.

Unsatisfied with not yet creating comic books and graphic novels, Todd teamed with Robert Tinnell and Neil Vokes to produce “The Black Forest” and “The Black Forest 2” (each won the Rondo Award for Best Horror Comic in 2004 and 2005, respectively) and “The Wicked West,” which Scoop voted Best Graphic Album for 2004. He also teamed up with them at many monster conventions discussing who would win if Dracula and The Mummy got in a fight. (The answer is: The Mummy)

In between (and sometimes during) jobs writing, producing and directing television, Todd created and wrote the graphic novels “The Living and the Dead,” “The Wicked West 2,” “Chopper Zombie,” the award-winning “America Jr.,” the miniseries “Starring Sonya Deveraux” and “The Odd Squad.” With “Die Hard” author Steven de Souza, Todd co-wrote the limited comic series “Sheena, Queen of the Jungle: Dark Rising,” which won the award for Longest Comic Title Ever. He lives in Los Angeles with seven million bad drivers.

Todd lends his writing, acting and singing talents to “Fury of Solace,” portraying series regular Max Mason.


Maxwell Glick has been a working actor in Los Angeles since moving there in 2006. His recent television appearances include guest starring roles on ABC’s Castle, and previously on NBC’s “The Office” and “Life” and FOX’s “Mental.” He has been involved with a number of webseries, playing Spencer Gilman on the hit show “lonelygirl15” and now Mr. Collins on “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” was nominated for an IAWTV Award for his performance in “Night of the Zombie King.” He has also appeared in numerous commercials for Yoplait, ampm, Taco John’s, Six Flags, Universal, Hooters, and more. He’s also a voice actor and has voiced numerous commercials, audiobooks, and cartoons. Originally he’s a theatre guy and has been seen on stage all over the country on tours and at regional theatres. The New York native is a graduate of Boston College. For more, check out his imdb page, Twitter account and his website.


Sara is a recovering environmental engineer and MIT graduate who finally and thankfully came to the conclusion that performing is her true love. She recently starred in “Magic Time” for writer/director Marc Scott Zicree and “The Pikers” as Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling’s daughter. Wanna know more:

Her role in “Fury of Solace” has yet to be revealed.


Matt Hartman graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a bachelors in Film and Digital Media. After graduating he worked for Film Independent and the television series “The Dog Whisperer”. He has worked in the web community on the award winning series “The Guild”, “Bumps in the Night”, and “Bridesmaid #3”. He created and writes the groundbreaking fictional blog Robots vs. Vampires. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Matt is a co-executive producer, writer and director for the series.


Evaun Wallington was a concept artist and costume designer for “Fury of Solace” episode 1. He designed the “Fury of Solace” logo, the graphics for the “Fury of Solace” official website, and illustrated “Fury of Solace” episode 2. For more, check out his art blog at


Jeff Sobel is a veteran audio engineer and video producer. He has co-written and produced several independent albums from bluegrass to electronic and has credits on major label albums. Additional credits include the sound post-production for “Join Us,” a feature-length documentary by Ondi Timoner and the DVD Extras on Lyle Lovett’s “It’s Not Big, It’s Large” deluxe release. Jeff is also an instructor who has taught both audio engineering and video editing at a major university. He is the Chief Engineer of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, a non-profit organization he has had a guiding hand in since 2002. Jeff is a vegetarian who lives in Los Angeles and dreams of having a home with a yard large enough to keep llamas.

Jeff is the DP and sound editor for “Fury of Solace.”


Nick was once told that, to be successful, you have to pick one thing and stick to it. He promptly took that advice, chopped it up into bite-size chunks, threw it into a pot, and made a wonderful autumn stew. Nick has been an actor, singer/songwriter and musician – with equal vigor and dedication. He studied acting and music at Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts, continuing on to places such as the Actors Alliance in NYC. His acting credits include lead roles in the Manhattan stage productions of “Smoking Newports & Eating French Fries,” “UnderAddress”, “Titanic Voices”, and the musical, “Marianela.” His Films include “Green Light”, “PIL”, and “Emotion In Motion.” On TV, Nick has done “Sex & the City”, “One Life To Live”, and played the famous Lindbergh baby kidnapper, Bruno Hauptmann, to whom he bears a disturbing resemblance. Nick has also done commercials for Spike TV & Pep Boys, and a starring role in the short-lived web sitcom, “Home Sweet Cube”. His favorite project, however, is the hit web sitcom mocumentary, “This End Up”, which you can see at Nick is a rock/pop singer/songwriter, with an extensive catalog of solo recordings. He is now the lead singer for the band, REC, whose debut CD, “Parts & Labour,” dropped like an h-bomb last year, and can be heard at Nick has also composed & recorded scores for “This End Up”, “Bumps in the Night”, the film “Kismet,” and the Cherry Lane production of “Masquerade,” among others. Nick would like to thank the whole effing world for lots of various stuff, except for three people – and you know who you are. Special thanks to Emmett “Fury of Solace” Furey for all the many-splendored and high-paying jobs over the years. Loyalty will always be rewarded!

Nick co-wrote Lot in Life, the song featured in episode 1 of Fury of Solace.


After graduating film school in 2006, Chris Lorusso worked on a number of webseries and award winning short films. He moved quickly up the ranks, becoming the lead editor on the 2009 feature film Kalamity starring Nick Stahl and Robert Forster. He has worked for a variety of networks including Spike TV, Discovery and TV Land editing material for all kinds of projects, including narrative and reality. He’s presently lead editor on the upcoming documentary CinemAbility, please follow @CinemAbility and Chris can be reached for comments and hate mail on twitter @CPLorusso

Chris is the editor for “Fury of Solace.”

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