Digest 8/6 – 8/9

Posted by emmettfurey on August 10, 2012

In case you missed any of this week’s new episodes, here’s all four in handy digest form. Great for catching up and retweeting en masse!

Episode 4

Making a living wage in Los Angeles is no easy task, and working as a superhero full-time, Laurel has no income to speak of. So when Emmett found himself in between jobs, something had to give. An ex-Marine by trade, Emmett makes most of his money doing corporate security work. So when he found himself poised to get a full-time security gig at a prosperous local company, it was not lost on him or Laurel just how much they had riding on this job interview.

Episode 4.1: “Mole Hunt”

For conspiracy blogger Uroboros, the files he acquired by hacking Mason International’s mainframe proved to be a gift that kept on giving. And far be it from Uroboros to keep those sordid details about everyone’s least-favorite pharmaceutical company to himself. In his latest “Flashlight” vlog, Uroboros posted internal Mason International surveillance footage which seems to suggest there is some dissension in the ranks between Mason’s head of Security Damian Durand and the rest of Mason’s security team.

Episode 4.2: “Making People Better”

Convinced that Uroboros’ skills as a hacker might be an asset in his war on Mason International, Fury of Solace formed a tentative alliance with the conspiracy blogger, with an eye towards uncovering incriminating Twitter correspondence between Mason International and a handful of shell companies allegedly engaged in illegal activities. Thanks to the involvement of the self-proclaimed prophet Augur and a few of Fury of Solace’s Twitter followers, it came to light that one such shell company, Konig Inc., had sent a private DM to Mason International only days earlier, requesting a new batch of (presumably human) test subjects. Click here for a more detailed account of these events.

Once the location of the Konig Inc. warehouse was uncovered, Solace decided that Uroboros’ usefulness was at an end, but Uroboros had every intention of acting on this new intel with or without Solace’s help.

Episode 4.3: “No Stone Unturned”

Seen prominently in Uroboros’ latest Flashlight vlog, Commissioner Harlan Stone is best known as the forward-thinking Los Angeles Police Commissioner who recently put forth a proposal to officially incorporate superhumans into the LAPD. His plan has yet to be approved by his fellow members of the police commission.

Stay tuned for more videos next week!

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