Fade Away

Posted by emmettfurey on July 27, 2012

A local L.A. superhero called Fade was recently found murdered.  Evidence strongly points to the Medina Drug Cartel.  Not long ago, the Orphan and LAPD Lt. Katherine Czerny (profiled here in Person of Interest magazine) discovered that almost two dozen LAPD officers, up to and including L.A. City Councilman Matthew Stannis, had been taking bribes from the Medina Cartel.  Since the scandal broke, the cartel’s influence in the city of angels has been greatly diminished, and they have been taking it out on the superhero community.  Corrupt cops can be bought, but most superheroes cannot.

About a week prior to his death, Fade had publicly announced that he intended to devote his full attention to ridding Los Angeles of the last vestiges of the Medina Cartel.  And this proclamation apparently put him at the top of the cartel’s hit list.

This is how L.A. mourned Fade’s passing:

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