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Alternate Reality Games

Posted by emmettfurey on April 29, 2012
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For those who missed them, here are recaps of all of the ARG’s we’ve staged to further engage the fans of the show:

“The Storming of Mason Tower”

The Orphan’s Twitter followers helped her uncover a password protected video posted by Fury of Solace.

“Heroes for Hire”

Fans at San Diego Comic-Con helped Fury of Solace crash a dinner date between evil CEO Max Mason and a woman interviewing to be his superhero bodyguard in our first real-world ARG.

“King’s Gambit”

Followers of the conspiracy blogger Uroboros helped him and Fury of Solace hack into a Twitter account belonging to a shell company under Mason International’s umbrella.

“All the King’s Assets”

Uroboros created a new conspiracy blogsite called the Lighthouse, which he bequeathed to a real-world fan in the UK, who has since been posting in-canon blog posts and co-administrating the site with another one of our characters.

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